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Sight and ocular health exam

At Foley Opticians we aim to provide a comprehensive set of eye services in a relaxed environment, ensuring you have a full understanding of the procedures carried out and the results of each component of our examination.

This exam is carried out by one of our fully qualified optometrists, and is designed to determine if you require spectacles, and if so the correct prescription for you.

The examination also involves checking to see if your eyes are healthy.

An optometrist will follow a certain routine during an examination. This routine may vary from individual to individual but the basic procedure is explained in the drop-down tabs opposite.

Initial discussion with the patient.

This would include discussing problems the patient is experiencing. It would also include discussion on the patient’s general health and medical history.

It is important that the optometrist is aware of the patient’s medical history, as it can have a direct effect on the eye and vision.

Family history is also important. Certain conditions may be hereditary such as glaucoma and diabetes.


The optometrist will then check the patient’s distance vision by seeing how far down the letter chart he/she can read. .

Section Subjective Test (Refraction)

Subjective refraction tests are performed to determine the optimum optical correction and to ensure that visual functions are normal.


The optometrist uses the ophthalmoscope or a volk lens to view inside the eye. This part of the examination is a vital health check for the eye. It can reveal conditions such as cataract, glaucoma and retinal detachment. The eye is the only part of the body where the blood vessels can be seen without surgery. The optometrist can see the arteries and veins in the retina and may therefore be able to detect early signs of vascular problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes and will refer the patient on to their G.P. or directly to a specialist if necessary.

Slit Lamp Examination

This is a large table mounted instrument and is used to view the cornea and eyelids and anterior part of the eye in more detail than the ophthalmoscope.

Tonometry: Pressure check

This is done using an instrument called a tonometer, which measures the pressure of the fluid inside the eye .If the pressure is high it may indicate that the patient is suffering from glaucoma or at risk of developing the condition. It is very important to measure the pressure for patients who have a family history of glaucoma, or for patients over the age of 40 or for patients that the optometrist feels might have a problem when examined through ophthalmoscopy..

Visual Field Test

This test is used to test the central and peripheral fields of vision and to determine if there are any “gaps” in this field of view

Our Technology

Automated refraction system foley opticians
Automated refraction system.

We have available modern, up to the minute technologies for eye testing.

  • Automated refraction system.
  • Auto-refractor for determining prescriptions with maximum ease and accuracy.
Ocular Computerised Tomography, OCT machine, Foley Opticians, Wexford
Ocular Computerised Tomography (OCT)
  • Ocular Computerised Tomography (OCT) which is a non invasive imaging technique producing detailed images of the retina, optic nerve and anterior segment of the eye. It is particularly valuable for the detection and monitoring of macular disease such as AMD (age related macular degeneration) and early retinal nerve damage due to glaucoma.
Automated Visual Field Testing, eye test, wexford
Automated visual field testing with computerised interpretation.
  • Automated visual field testing with computerised interpretation.
  • Different methods of measuring eye pressures – both non-contact and contact when deemed necessary.
  • Pachymetry for measurement of corneal thickness which is of particular importance when interpreting pressure readings.

Driving Sight Tests Reports

If you are thinking of obtaining your drivers licence you must first see if you meet the vision standards. This can be checked by your optometrist. We will check your visual acuity, peripheral vision and eye health.


Many people experience unusual symptoms when working at a computer. Using a VDU is usually heavily concentrated work and may be the cause of these problems. We can check to see whether you may benefit from spectacles or other treatments to overcome these symptoms. The assessment is similar to that of a regular examination but focuses on the intermediate/VDU distance.

Colour Vision

Many professions require a person to meet certain colour vision standards. We are able to carry out colour vision tests for such requirements. It is also a basic check when examining children. There are a few different tests that we can use.

Safety Spectacles Assessment

Whether it is for work conditions or for carrying out DIY or gardening jobs at home, we can assess and advise you on the best prescription or non-prescription safety spectacles.  

Find out more about our contact lenses services:

Contact Lenses

Children’s Eye care

We can provide a comprehensive test for your child, which includes:

  • Assessing your child’s vision and prescription using both non-cycloplegic and cycloplegic (use of certain drugs to paralyze focusing) techniques
  • Assessing the binocular vision of your child
  • Assessing their colour vision
  • Assessing the ocular health
  • Assessing the peripheral vision
  • Tailoring and further investigating any other possible elements of your child’s vision or ocular health

Glaucoma Screening

This involves:

  • Assessing your ocular health
  • Determining your intraocular pressure
  • Checking for any gaps in your visual field.
  • Possibly placing drops in your eyes which dilate/enlarge your pupils so we may get a more accurate view of the health of the back of your eyes.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

This involves:

  • Determining your new spectacle prescription
  • Assessing both your anterior and posterior ocular health
  • Possibly placing drops in your eyes which dilate/enlarge your pupils so we may get a more accurate view of the health of the back of your eyes.

Sports Vision

We stock a range of sports goggles, prescription swimming goggles, polarized sunglasses or may fit you with contact lenses to aid you in you sporting career!